My Writing Journey

Happy Tuesday! It’s 9:45 am and I’m writing this. Better late than never, right? Honestly, I didn’t know what to talk about this week. Usually, I love writing about things I’m currently learning. Writing is therapeutic for me in that way. This week is different though. While I still have a full plate of life lessons in front of me, I’m going to share about my blogging journey.

When I was 18, E-Bay started blowing up with vintage clothing. I was working at a shoe store (In the Dayton mall. You know, where dreams come true.) kicking myself in the face because I was miserable from passing up an art school opportunity. I caught on to the E-Bay trend via Myspace and became obsessed with what these girl were doing.  A friend of mine that worked in the store with me had tons of thrifty finds. We made a deal, she supplies the clothes and I run the site. Long story short, our big E-Bay break fell through the cracks. I had no idea what I was doing but was also procrastinating like a couch surfing champ.

From the E-Bay days

Within a few months I left Dayton and headed back to Columbus. (Thank you God, you are my savior.) I still wanted to sell on E-Bay and kept the store when I went back home. With the store came clothing descriptions. That meant if you want to sell, creative writing came into play. Along with buying and photos and styling and pricing and brand research and customer service. I started a blog along with the site and found some enjoyment out of it.

Once the store closed I wanted to keep blogging. I ran a blog on Blogger.com trying different styles. I did some crafting and DIY projects along with life refection stuff. I loved it but nothing “stuck”. I couldn’t figure out what direction I wanted.

Then I started going to this small group about Jesus. Cool. Didn’t know much about the guy. My boyfriend asked me to go, so whatever.

However, week after week of going I started to fall in love with the group and what we were learning about in scripture. Slowly but surely my heart opened to Jesus. As I learned more about Him and process life, writing became my best friend. I still had a Blogger account and every thought I had was put on it. Some of it great, some of it really immature. This lasted for several years and I switched back and forth between Blogger and Tumblr.

Once I ran out of steam, I took a break from writing for a while. When I wanted to get back into it, I had nothing to write about. I was going through some depression but knew I had to create something to help me get out of it. I wanted stories. Stories of hope and joy. Strength and courage. And my interview site was born.

It was a WordPress account and all I did was start interviewing creative people. I wanted to know how they got from point A to point B. I loved it. I loved it so much that even writing about it now is making me want to get back into it. I got to sit down with wonderful people and hear about their background, passion and goals. All my favorite things. The site led me to working with other companies. I couldn’t handle it all so unfortunately, I closed it.  If I could go back, I think I would have stuck with it and tried to manage it better. The sites I was working with were great, but I began to realize but they weren’t accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish. Then led into another break.

So here we are back to square one, trying to figure it out.

This is week two of #The10weekchallenge.  I’ll be here every Tuesday. Maybe since I miss it so much, I’ll interview someone else doing the challenge. Who knows. See you next week. ❤



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