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#the10weekshowup, creative journeys and feelings.

For #the10weekshowup challenge I’ll be blogging! My goal is to post on here every Tuesday. You know what, scratch that. I AM going to post here every Tuesday for the next ten weeks. If I don’t, please hunt me down and corner me at my desk until I write something. Even if it’s about how creepy you are for actually hunting me down.

I’m good at being flakey with things I want to accomplish. Working out. Saving money. Eating well. Hell, I couldn’t finish a week of Crest White Strips, people. I like the microwave effect. I want results fast. Please. Now. Quick. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. If they don’t happen in 30 seconds., peace out Girl Scout. 

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have a problem. Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a flake when is comes to personal goals, most of the time. I’m not sure what the second step is for the rest of the world, but in this situation it’s tiny steps of recognizing I don’t want to quit. And also, to stop listening to the negative feelings. 

My biggest blessing and curse are my feelings. They motivate, but defeat me. They tell me I can do anything, yet nothing. I’m not special in this regard. There are plenty of us that self sabotage in this way.

The truth is, anything is possible if we put our minds to it. That’s a cliche thing to say, but it’s cliche for a reason.


The thing we can’t control too much is the outcome. You might want to play music for a living, and if so there will be some wins and loses along the way. At the end of the day, you might be doing what you want, but in a way you never imagined. That’s part of my story.

I’ve always wanted to do something creative. I could never figure it out though. I tried selling vintage, blogging, a touch of journalism, interviewing, podcasting, crafting with craft markets, Esty shops, working for a non-profit, creating social media content, helping put together events, starting a book, starting groups, going to groups. The list goes on, but these are examples from the last eight years of my life of things I tried.  I did them but they didn’t stick as long as I would have liked. I loved every one of these experiences and they helped me get to the point I’m at now. What am I doing now?

I got the offer of a life time. Ready? I started working with a girl that has autism at a in-home position and became quick family with my boss and her family. Three years into my time there, my boss started chalking up the idea of starting flower business and asked me to be her partner! Fast forward two years later, (to today) and I’m sitting in a one bedroom apartment directly above the flower shop with several weddings under our belt for the summer. What? What? What? That’s amazing! That’s amazing! That’s amazing!

The point is, you never know what’s going to come your way. Just keep trying. While trying, get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Over the time I’ve tried different creative avenues, I realized I can’t accomplish goals on my own. (most of the time) And that’s okay. The time in life where I was accomplished my fitness goals, I had a gym buddy. When I wanted to do craft shows, I had someone I shared a table with. When I interviewed people, I worked with a site. Doing flowers for wedding, don’t even get me started on how I couldn’t do this alone. It’s okay to need people to help or encourage you along the way. Actually it makes life better. There will be ups and downs, our feelings will tell us to stop and that’s why we need our people. That’s why we’re doing #the10weekshowup together. 


2 thoughts on “#the10weekshowup, creative journeys and feelings.

  1. I hear you! Creative people are full of ideas! Some of which never happen, and is okay. Have you ever read anything by Emily Freeman? Her stuff helped me🙂


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