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Every year doesn’t have to be the same

It’s been a glorious crazy nine months of ups and downs since my last post.

Hello again friends, readers, Mom and Dad,

Every spring I do some self evaluating, reflect on goals and things I want to work on. Every year I come up with the same things: clean eating, working out/yoga, and blogging. Year after year I get excited and go after those things full force, but will have a hiccup along the way and crash. Excuse me, crash and burn and never want to get back up. I’m very hard on myself. Instead of being happy I got to enjoy my grandmother’s cooking, I get depressed for a few days and stop making choices that will get me closer to my goals. This is normal for some of us. I’m sure there are super humans out there that get back on their feet immediately with self motivation wearing. However, I personally have not been that lady.

This year in my self evaluation I made a tiny breakthrough. Instead of focusing on the “goals” and beating myself up if I mess up. I’m shifting my focus to practicing consistency, with grace.

Grace is something I’ve been learning about over the past few years. With having an extreme planner personality, I want the lists and I want to check them off! I want the all fruits and veggies and nothing else! I want the full week work out plan and I add 20 extra crunches, squats and lunges just because I can! But then there’s a cookout and hamburgers are delicious. I wake up on morning with cramps and don’t want to get out of bed. Or I did almost everything on the list. When those things happen my self talk gets negative. I failed. I’m not going to be able to do this right. I might as well give up. Then I’m thrown off for days or sometimes weeks.

“The truth is somewhere in the middle.”

I went on a trip with some ladies recently and one of my friends kept saying that. She’s right. It made me think of all my little goals and how hard I am on myself.

Eat the cake and work out. Make the list and do what you can. Try the difficult yoga pose and keep building strength to get there.

Consistency is key, with a little bit a grace. I could apply this to most areas of life. Keep saving the money. Keep saying, I’m sorry, I forgive you and I love you. Keep meditating with the mantras. Don’t give up. Eventually, one morning we’ll wake up and see life a little differently.


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