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Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry

Warning: The kitten has nothing to do with this post, but it’s extremely cute.

 I have a Type A friend that chases her dreams more than anyone I know. Over the years of knowing her, she’s inspired many to do the same. I wouldn’t be the “go getter” I am today without her cheering me on in different seasons. The other day she posted, “Do something today that future you will thank you for!”

On the day I read this I wasn’t chasing dreams. I was sick in bed, had an argument with someone very dear to me and was ready to binge on whatever I could find on Netflix.

I know when posting this my friend was referring to dreaming big and making things happen. Planting the seeds for success! I however took it different. As far as my future goes no matter what I do for a living, who do I want to be? That’s the problem with 2016. As young people we’re fed nonsense about how what we do is important. Our focus should be more about who we are.

One of the coolest most loving people I know is an older man obsessed with race cars. He’s on disability in a wheel chair, has two cats and plays Trouble all day with neighbors. (I was one of those neighbors for a long time.) What does the world think of him? Nothing much. What do his friends and family think of him? That he’d give the shirt off his back and do anything to help people in a pinch. They love him and his character.

Sometimes manifesting your future isn’t being cooped up in a room writing music or blogs or crunching numbers. Sometimes it’s not about networking until you lose your voice. Sometimes it’s about being humble, saying sorry and forgiving.

That day, as I angrily waited until my friend said something first. I slowly budged from “I ain’t saying nothing! I’m mad.” to “Okay, I screwed up and reacted poorly.” We talked through our argument and things were back to normal.

It’s important say “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” often. Those words are healing words. And I can only assume our future selves will be pleased with that.


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