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Throw It Out

Happy New Year, I hope you enjoyed 2015!

Welcome to the first Think Like A Lu post of 2016. I bet you can guess what it’s going to be about, can’t you? Oh come onnnn. Yeah, yeah, you’re right. Starting over and feeling refreshed. Today I’m going to let you in on something that helped me rediscover myself last year.IMG_8638

Last spring I was heavy with emotional baggage. I did sort through feelings with supportive family, friends and my counselor but continued to feel like I needed space. I was living in an over decorated apartment alone stuffed with clothes, gadgets and crafts. When I say crafts, I mean tons of unfinished projects scattered within my main living space. Overall it was a cute place. I managed to coordinate my corky style and repurposed projects. Friends always complimented it but as I began to become healthier emotionally, I didn’t feel at home. I was changing as a person and needed the space around me to reflect that.

Overall I wanted things simple. Not only in relationships, work, projects, but at home too. I scanned Pinterest for apartment inspiration and fell in love with the minimalist Scandinavian style. Click after click I found myself straying from trend posts and reading minimalist lifestyle posts. I was inspired by the “Own less and be intentional”  way of life. Next thing I knew the extremist in me took over and most of my stuff was on Craig’s List. I sold books, kitchen supply, a couch, desk, chairs, outdoor furniture and side tables galore. There was more but I can’t remember everything. (First sign we don’t need everything we own.)

Life started to become more refreshed but I still had a closet full of clothes. One night while getting ready to go out I was having one of those, “I have nothing to wear” moments. Then I realized I actually have tons to wear, but I don’t want to because I have negative emotional attachments to them. I’d pull a dress out and say, “This is cute, but I wore it on Valentines day with my ex. Oh! This one! No no, I wore that when we got in a fight at a wedding. Oh yeah, we fought at a different wedding in this one too.”

I didn’t have a closet full of gorgeous dresses. I had a closet full of bad memories.

That night I couldn’t sleep. Around 3 AM I stood up and decided I was going to get rid of every piece of clothing with bad memories attached to it. I kid you not I had 13 dresses on the floor within three minutes.

In the morning I took my mountain of bad memories to a resale shop and made a little bit of cash Then put the cash in a jar for  for some new clothes to help me restart my new wardrobe. 

If you hate it, throw it out. If it’s affecting you negatively, throw it out. One quote that someone out there said that I apply to my life is, “Of it’s not beautiful or useful, get rid of it.”

 Next time I’ll share the ups and downs of rebuilding a wardrobe because been all that glamorous.


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